Save with Our Bargain Used Vehicles in Erie, PA – Prices Under $5,000

When working with a budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to get a vehicle that lacks on quality or features. And in our Bargain Inventory at New Motors BMW, you can find top-notch used cars for sale in Erie at a remarkably great price. We want all shoppers to be able to locate the picture-perfect pre-owned car for them and at a price that compliments their wallet. In our bargain collection of vehicles, you will find used cars, in tip-top condition, full of many enticing amenities, all for under $5,000!

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Purchase a Used Vehicle Under $5,000

The used cars that you spot in the Bargain Inventory, not only offer affordable prices but all of them get a thorough looking-over to ensure that our customers get vehicles that they can rely on and feel confident in buying. You can feel safe and secure and take on your expeditions ahead in a pre-owned car that’s ready for your daily activities.

While you sort through the options that we currently offer, if you spot a great deal on a pre-owned vehicle, you can visit our dealership at 8670 Peach St. to get a further inspection of the model. We will happily organize a test drive for you as well so that you can see just how good of quality these vehicles are in this variety. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask a team member throughout any part of the process.

We always welcome you to explore our whole used vehicle selection as well. Though it may not be in our Bargain Inventory, we still offer many other affordable pre-owned cars to browse.