Which Safety Features Come Standard on the New 2019 BMW X1?

The New 2019 BMW X1 offers newly standard Forward Collision Warning, Automatic High Beams, Parking Sensors, and Lane Departure Warning systems, as well as other safety technologies.

New Standard 2019 BMW X1 Safety Systems

  • Forward Collision Warning - The Forward Collision Warning system uses cameras and other advanced sensor equipment to detect obstacles ahead of you. Your BMW X1 will alert you to the danger and can help you avoid a collision.
  • Lane Departure Warning - The Lane Departure Warning system uses advanced technology to predict your vehicle's trajectory and detect road markings. The system will warn you if it appears that you're leaving your lane unintentionally.
  • High-beam Assistant - The High-beam Assistant system uses photosensors to detect light, automatically dimming your brights for oncoming traffic.
  • Speed Limit Info - The Speed Limit Info system uses a camera to check traffic signs as you drive, and it will update the speed limit listed in your instrument cluster to match your current path.

BMW's standard inclusion of these advanced features help keep you safe and sound on the road, but it's just a small sampling of what your new BMW could do for you. Contact our team or stop by for a demonstration for more information on these and other features the new BMW X1 offers.

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