2019 BMW X6: What's New?

The new 2019 BMW X6 sees numerous changes compared to its 2018 counterpart. The new X6 now has a slew of added standard features that improve comfort and safety. Read more about these new standard features below and let us know which one is your favorite!

New Standard Features on the BMW X6

Apple CarPlay ™ now comes standard on the X6. This feature connects your smartphone to your Sports Activity Coupe ® so you can conveniently enjoy key phone features such as its functionality, music and navigation. This somewhat doubles as safety feature because, with your phone connected, you are less tempted to distract yourself by checking your phone.

Did we forget to mention that a range of innovative safety features now come standard as well. These newly standard features on he 2019 BMW X6 are:

  • Blind-Spot Monitoring: Have you ever attempted to change lanes only to be honked at by someone hiding in your blind spot? This feature warns you of their presence so you can change lanes without worry of being in a collision.
  • Forward-Collision Warning: We can all become distracted when we drive. Luckily, your BMW X6 can warn you of potential front-end collision situations with this feature.
  • Automated Emergency Braking: If you do not react in time to the alerts from your Forward- Collision Warning system then this feature kicks in. It automatically applies your brakes to help mitigate the damage from, or entirely prevent, a potential collision. This new standard feature on the BMW X6 could mean the difference between a casual drive home and a collision!
  • Pedestrian Detection: This feature works in tandem with forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking to detect pedestrians that may cross your path unknowingly. It warns you of their presence and can even engage your brakes in emergency stopping situations.
  • Speed-Limit Information: Sometimes, we miss the speed-limit sign and are forced to drive nervously until we see another one. This feature utilizes a camera that detects speed-limit signs to keep you informed and allow you to drive with peace of mind.